When we select our brands we look into 3 things.

  1.  Safety : Only safe products under EU regulations
  2.  Quality : Continuous research and personally tested
  3.  Value : Special brands that we believe that bring good value for money.

All brands are natural, safe and effective. Made in South Korea.

This all natural and safe skin care brand offers quality products that are suitable for all skin type even for sensitive skin.

Most of the products are EWG certified and vegan and come in elegant and hygenic packaging.

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Benton offers skin care line that uses minimum number of ingredients and high concentration. They are safe and effective.

Products have very mild scent which makes this brand perfect for both men and women.

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COSRX is a unique brand. This trendy skin care brand creates the most innovative products with minimum number of ingredients.

From Snail to Centella Asiatica Extract, you will find safe yet effective ingredients in very high concentration.

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Cremorlab offers the best products for gifts not only because of it’s beautiful packaging but also because of it’s miracle ingredient T.E.N water.

This special ingredient is rich in mineral and helps skin to have improved natural healing power.

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Dr.Phamor means Doctor+PH+Amore. As the brand name tells, this brand is all about the love for your skin. They are specialized in highly concentrated products that gives visible results.

The ingredient like Syn-ake may sound new to you but once you experience it, you are going to love it.

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Meet dear Klairs, one of the most highly rated brand from Korean consumers. Their facial soaps and toner have been gaining popularity on the internet. All products are very gentle on the skin and have pleasant light scent.

We have plans to expend in the product range of this brand, so stay tune!

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LJH Leejiham Cosmetics is a well known cosmeceutical company from South Korea. It was one of the first dermatologist cosmetics brand, with almost 20 years of history!

With its long history and experiences, they produce the most safe and effective products.

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Mi-re is a brand that is created with a collaboration work between Paris and Seoul. This collaboration created the perfect BB cushion foundation that uses Korea’s technology and is specially designed for European skin.

Coming in 6 different color, this BB cushion is suitable for all skin tones and has a light matt finish.

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You might know about sheet masks, but did you know that Manefit is one of the biggest producer behind all big Korean brands?

Their masks are refreshing and moisturizing. It is perfect for daily use as well as weekly use. Also they are very pretty, perfect gift idea for a beauty lover.

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Mediheal is No.1 brand in Korea and China when it comes to sheet masks. They have accumulated sales of over 300 million sheet masks till 2015 so we are safe to call them the mask experts.

Ippo Cosmetics has wide range of Mediheal sheet masks that is suitable for all skin types and all skin concerns.

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SNP is one of the best known cosmeceutical skin care brand in Korea and China. SNP focuses on developing products that are safe and effective.

At Ippo Cosmetics you can meet thier best seller, the animal masks. They are effective and so adorable! Don’t forget to take a selfie with these masks!

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BINU is a German-Korean brand that only produces handmade soap. (Binu means soap in Korean.)

This family own business uses only natural ingredients and reclyced paper for packaging, it’s against animal testing and completely cruely free.

We are happy to offer you one of their famous BINU, the calendula soap suitable for sensitive skin.

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